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December 26, 2005


Hopefully everyone had a nice Christmas.  And if not I hope everyone is enjoying the fact that the days get longer from now on (at least in the Northern Hemisphere that is,  I pity any Austrailians reading this).

I did upload the marker colored "No Parking" picture.  I don't thing the scan does it justice though.  I also uploaded two details from it in scraps.

Currently I'm working on a picture of my house for my parents.  Its a nearly 250 year old colonial with greek influences that they restored from a rotting dump.  It is a little late for Christmas but I think they'll like it.  Though it does has the unfortunate effect of really making me crave a weird monster picture because its so normal.  So I plan on making some really bizarre things soon.

My computer is finally set up again so I can start making digital art, which I'm very happy about.  I love ink but I like to alternate between it and digital, with a different media piece thrown in for variety every once in a while.

I also will put one of those character profile memes in scraps, I was going to put it here but it was huge.  In case of boredom check it out.
wraith11 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2005
As an Australian, I feel pitied...
...seriously though, I'm quite looking forward to the days getting shorter, walked outside for 20mins today to bring the washing in and am now bright lobster red across the sholderblades.

Wraith 11
turbofanatic Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww...that does not sound like fun. How are winters in Austrailia? Are they generally nice or does it vary based on location?

Winters are awful here in New England, we get everything from blizzards to rain that freezes the second it touches anything. So we're happy to see any sign of spring.
wraith11 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2005
It really depends on where you live. Tasmanian winters are a bit like English winters, but wetter and without the snow ('cause they're that far down there's not much land mass to actually slow the wind or waves down), in Brisbane, Queensland - where I live - we'll be in a T-shirt by about 10am. There might only be two weeks out of the year where you'll need an jacket the entire day. Go north to Townsville and the like, and most people do not actually own a jumper or jacket, it's just not needed.

Strangely enough, freezing rain and blizzards actually sound like fun to most Australians, but not for more than a few weeks or so ;)

Wraith 11
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