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May 2, 2005
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Cyborg Zombie by turbofanatic Cyborg Zombie by turbofanatic
Alrighty, several people have wanted to hear more about my Chimera storyline so here's some background info and another character.
In the 1980's during the Cold War both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. raced furiously against each other in the creation of newer and more frightening weapons. When the U.S.S.R. pulled ahead with the creation of superhuman 'Chem-warriors' the U.S. began it's own program called 'Project Neon.' The project was distributed to several companies (including Keystone biotechnologies) and government agencies. With the collapse of the Soviet Union Project Neon was disbanded. Recently, there have been reports of surviving Chem-warriors and attempts to recreate them in North Korea. To counter this threat Project Neon was reinstated in 1998. One of the aspects of Project Neon was the chimeras, like Nathaniel. Another was the Golems. Made from bodies brought back from the dead and pumped full of growth hormones and other goodies, the golems are mindless killing machines that only obey orders.
Except, for Number Twelve. For unknown reasons he's actually started to think, and when a rogue general decides to use the Golems for his own advancement Number Twelve decides he doesn't want to help. And when an 8ft tall armored killing machine decides something, its rather hard to stop them.
Done in ink and then colored in Photoshop 6.0, I'm experimenting with colored highlights and shadows and it seems to be working. And yes, he has no lower jaw.

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QuazarShark Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
Wait a minute is this..
wait a minute...
Seway Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008
Man, this drawing rocks :)
It would be even cooler if the zombie had some eye replacements, as in cyborg eyes.
popeyeDsailorman Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2006
It kinda looks like those zombies from house of the dead 4 at the last level.
DSil Featured By Owner May 16, 2006  Student General Artist
There's something about removing a person's lower jaw that makes them look really freaky. I like the look of the armor.
triplikeido Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2005   Digital Artist
I take it that you are into the sci-fi fantasy genre

I used to read alot of Dragolance and Forgotten Realms.
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