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Really more of a Steel Alloy and Carbon Fiber Man by turbofanatic
Really more of a Steel Alloy and Carbon Fiber Man


The new Hulkbuster Iron Man suit is pretty cool, but it makes me sad that pretty much all the Iron Man suits are actually really boring designs. Look at all the mech/exosuit designs in Manga. Now look at Iron Man. Pretty pathetic. There’s unlimited special effects in comics, why ever go with boring?

Not that this is that much better. I’m just trying to hash out the minimal basic suit, I’ll try to go weirder in the future. There will be attachments and other versions, and of course, a transforming car. Because that’s what he’d do.

Deltavengers Tony Stark just sits in the chest because he lost an arm and both legs, so there’s nothing but machinery in the limbs. Also he’s not as crazy-rich as he is in the comics, so it’s supposed to look like four car manufacturing robots bolted to a frame. Because that’s what it is. Tony just supplies the proprietary power and control systems.

Why is he not as rich? Stark Industries forced him into quitting after his accident. So he founded a new smaller company. And Stark Industries is using his old work to sell robots to the military…

Aphelion 0.0 Page Eight by turbofanatic
Aphelion 0.0 Page Eight

Page eight is now finished for real, I took a little break to do other stuff because I was getting sick of it.

HAATCs are one of my favorite designs. This one’s showing off the pulsejets used for roll control (HAATCs are LOUD) and off in the distance you can see some of the flaps used to redirect airflow into the rear fan during forward flight. Despite first looks, active control systems keep the HAATC quite stable.

Complex Plane by turbofanatic
Complex Plane

Superficially, members of both orders Airbus and Boeing are very similar, and can be difficult for beginner planewatchers to tell apart, a stunning example of convergent evolution.

Internally, however, their different ancestries are clear. Shown here is a 700 IDW of the 737 family, a common member of order Boeing. Pay particular attention to the spinal length, the most reliable way to tell apart the 700, 800, and 900 genera at a distance.

I needed a logo/badge for my stuff, and here it is.

I haven't been feeling too great lately, so I apologize for not really responding to stuff. Hopefully I'll feel better soon :)

Jupiter Sky by turbofanatic
Jupiter Sky
Of all the human offshoots in the solar system, the Jovians were the strangest. They eschewed material possessions (save for a few libraries, floating eternally above the clouds of Jupiter) and folded their bodies into sleek black darts, with scapulae for wings. Their technology allowed them to generate thrust and motion with a thought and has since proven impossible to replicate, and not for lack of trying. It is simply too difficult for non-Jovians to understand. They described it as “understanding the leakage between multiple layers of simulations” and investigations into their writing hint at some sort of powerful understanding of information theory.
Of note; the sophisticated noses of Jovians are commonly confused for their recessed mouths.
Aphelion 0.0 Page Seven by turbofanatic
Aphelion 0.0 Page Seven

I’ve been thinking a lot about narrative and storytelling lately. There’s been some good writing lately on the fact that, because narrative is a wholly artificial construct, it makes sense to warp and twist that portrayal to better get certain ideas across to an audience. Since comics work (at least on one level) as a visual representation of reality it’s easy to forget that.

I think, given that words are already an abstraction, literary folk are closer to that truth, and maybe it’s one reason I had such issues with writing the novel that eventually became Aphelion. I just wanted to stick readers in a room and have them look around and notice all the logos were weird and the phones are strange. I wrote too much and never moved along with the actual story. With comics I could put all that in the background and let readers peruse it at their leisure.

The idea is that Aphelion is witnessed more than it is narrated (how pretentious!), Deltavengers is straight-up-narrated, which I find difficult, but the learning process is immensely enjoyable.

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!!!… !!!

The anthology this was going to be in fell through, so I put it all together and am posting it myself!

It's far from complete (this is actually the middle of the comic) and might be confusing because of that. Plus I need to change that first splash page into a single page so everything fits properly, but I hope it's still entertaining!

Big thanks to Ben for telling me how to use Publisher and gently handling all my complaining. <3

Also, in case anyone wants to see WIPs of these pages, plus other sketches, here's the tumblr where I post them all:


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Pedromalone Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Nice like some of your non human characters, hope you'll let me put them in a group.
wewewezing Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
Hi! I saw your awesome pacific rim art and was wondering if you take requests?
turbofanatic Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, I generally don't have time for requests, but you can always make a suggestion!
I'm glad you enjoyed the Renegade Phoenix though!
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just wanted to let you know that I think you are an amazing artist, very unique characters and a beautiful style.

I hope you'll keep up the good work, I bet you're gonna go far.

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It was awesome to catch up with you at the drink and draw at the Racer!
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Thanks! I had a good time! I'll see you around :)
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Finished a picture for you! :D

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Ive just found your work.
Its like Ive discovered a new drug, holy shit man this stuff is AMAZING
turbofanatic Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!
The-Episiarch Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
Your work is amazing - it is so amazing that it makes me want to cry. It is so inspired, other-worldly, and unique.
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